Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

A drill press is a very versatile tool. People from all walks of like can benefit from owning a drill press. A drill press is essentially a type of drill. They're very useful for household repair tasks and wood work. But, they're also useful for specific niches like wood working, and craftsmanship.
If you're an avid wood worker, you probably already have some idea of what type of drill press you need. But for those of you who are just hobbyists, or are just starting out at wood work, this guide should help clear things up regarding which drill press to buy.
There are essentially three main categories which include, the small type known as the "mini drill press", then the benchtop and floor standing drill press. The bench top drill press is by far the most common as it is the most versatile and portable out of the three different types. Floor drill presses are also quite common, but are a little more expensive. We will go over the different types in more detail below.


Small (miniature drill press)

This is basically only a tool for those in a specific niche where you need a really small machine. Some examples are when you're working with small crafts. These are also pretty useful for drilling holes in jewellery. Because of the tiny size these models aren't very capable at the larger tasks you might do as a wood worker. But, if you do opt for a mini drill press you can achieve some extremely delicate work!

Bench Top Drill Press

These are a must have for every wood worker. They're the most common because their size of around 8" capacity allow them to be pretty portable while also getting large tasks done easily. Some of you may not be satisfied with this design however, if you need a swing capacity of 13 inches or more you'll need a floor standing model. The benchtop style of drill press simply bolts down to your bench or work table, but it's actually quite easy to remove and transport.

Floor drill presses

On the other hand these are much larger. You will find these being used mostly in the industrial grade work shops where they're working on big metal objects. As the name suggests, this style is bolted directly into the floor, and as drilling holes in your floor may be out of the question for you, you should perhaps instead go for the bench drill press. The floor dp tends to be around 18 inches capacity, which is huge. They also have a lot of power in their motor, as well as varied gears and speed settings.

In conclusion

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The best drill press isn't easy to pick, so be sure to check through the above paragraphs to gain some insight into how to choose one. If you're still unsure about something, or just want to get in contact, please feel free to do so! Thanks for reading these drill press reviews.


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